Analytics from the web and mobile devices

With Tableau Server, users can access their reports everywhere from a web browser or mobile device.

Implementing Tableau Server empowers analyst’s capabilities, not only being able to interact with dashboards, but also creating new reports or set data alerts and subscriptions to get reports and notifications by email.

Tableau Mobile

Agile and robust Business Intelligence Platform


Tableau Server connects to hundreds of data sources, regardless of their format, keeping data always under control of company’s governance policies.

Whether data comes from on-premise or cloud servers, Big Data platforms, SQL databases, spreadsheets, web data or cloud apps (such as Google Analytics or Salesforce), Tableau seamlessly integrates with your organization security protocols.

Centrally manage authentication, rules, filters and permissions at user and group level.

Self-Service Analytics for organizations

Tableau Server enables everyone in an organization to freely explore their own data and get instant answers as questions arise.

Thanks to web authoring, users can create and edit their reports as they would do it in Tableau Desktop, directly from the web browser.

No more fixed and unchanged reports. Welcome to Tableau’s flexibility, scalability and self-service analytics.

Tableau Server

Scalable pricing model

Tableau’s subscription licensing is perfect for accurately scale up or down the platform to suit your needs.

It is no longer necessary to maintain a fixed number of perpetual licenses. You can periodically decide the number of users in the platform, providing your organization with the cost-flexibility of a subscription-based licensing model.

Integration and API

Tableau Server is flexibly implemented in your data infrastructure, whether on-premise or in the cloud, allowing a secure integration with the existing protocols in your organization (SAML, Active Directory,…).

In addition, Tableau has multiple tools for developers that make possible to integrate Tableau Server in non-standard environments and data sources.