Connect easily with your data

With Tableau Desktop you can connect to any data source in a very simple way, and combine them without the need to program or make use of complex wizards.

Connect to data stored on-premise or in the cloud. Whether it’s Big Data, an SQL database, a spreadsheet, or cloud apps like Google Analytics or Salesforce, you will be able to access, filter and adapt all the data to be shown in the reports in the most suitable way.


Put your data on the map


Does your data contain any geographic information about your customers or your sales areas (country, city, postal code,…)? That is all you need to display the data geographically.

Tableau Desktop provides built-in mapping capabilities. Simply click on any available geographic data, and Tableau will show every insight in an interactive map.

In addition, Tableau connects with spatial files, such as ESRI Shapefiles, KML, GeoJSON, MapInfo, … Geocoded data that is incorporated into the visualization.

Advanced analytics

Drag reference lines, box plots, trend lines forecasts, and other advanced analytics items into your view from the Analytics pane. As an example, cluster analysis will let you identify data patterns and group your data automatically.

Analyze relationship between disparate KPIs in your business with the new correlation and covariance calculations.

Tableau Desktop